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Men and women who feel that they have lost control of their lives because of a psychological disorder often need highly specialized care and treatment for a period of time in order to regain stability and find daily life pleasurable once more. Bridges to Recovery offers residential treatment services that will allow clients to move rapidly toward recovery during intensive therapeutic sessions following an individualized plan of care.

While it is possible for some people with psychological conditions to improve with outpatient care, many need to be relieved of the stress of their daily lives in order to concentrate on their own health issues. Bridges to Recovery provides the peaceful environment that is needed for men and women to immerse themselves in intensive therapy sessions with healthcare providers who actually understand their problems and have years of experience in meeting psychological needs.

The professionals at Bridges to Recovery offer services for clients with a variety of troubling psychological disorders. Treatment is available for common disorders such as sleep problems, grief and loss issues, chronic mood conditions, anxiety, and depression. Bridges to Recovery also provides services for many who suffer from traumatic illnesses such as obsessive compulsive disorder, personality disorders, bipolar disorder, sexual identity issues, and body dysmorphic disorders.

The aim of the well-trained staff at Bridges to Recovery is to give clients the tools they need to recover spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Individuals will first be carefully evaluated to determine the best treatment options. After assessment, a special treatment plan will be created to facilitate recovery. The individualized care plan for a client may include psychodynamic psychotherapy sessions three or four time a week, and group sessions several times during each day. Depending on the diagnosis, the treatment plan may also include somatic experiencing or EMDR sessions, DBT or anger management counseling, and psycho-educational counseling. Bridges to Recovery also offers clients classes in mindfulness and spirituality and provides art therapy to those that may find it beneficial. In addition, the medical teams will help patients to balance their medications during their stay and assist them in taking their prescribed drugs correctly.

The professional healthcare teams at Bridges to Recovery also include experts in alternative treatments that make life easier for some patients. These include yoga, acupuncture, and fitness and diet specialists who use their skills to help clients toward recovery. Bridges to Recovery facilities strive for an extremely high staff to client ratio in order to give quality care and protection to our clients at all times. This allows clients to know that their physical and emotional needs will be met in a timely manner.

Healing is possible, and Bridges to Recovery has a successful record in helping people get back on the road to recovery. Our facility is licensed by the state of California Department of Social Services, as well as the state department of mental health, and we take pride in following all of the protective guidelines established by these agencies. The intensity of the Bridges to Recovery Residential Treatment Program gives those suffering from a psychological condition great hope that they can really feel better again and once more experience all that life has to offer.

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